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NEW ENGLAND’S PREMIER TRAINING INSTITUTE FOR Advancing Leaders in Apostolic and Prophetic Commission

From New England to the nations, PureSpring Institute provides specialized training programs rooted in the mission of Christ that harness the apostolic and prophetic spirit to maximize leadership potential and impact. Learn more or Host one of our 2018 Conferences coming in your area.

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At our School of Prophetic Leadership, we equip you with the tools to impact your world through the gift of prophecy. This spring, jumpstart your prophetic ministry development. Enroll in one of our exciting courses starting the end of February!

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If you desire to cultivate an apostolic and prophetic culture in your congregation, we invite you to join PSI’s Church Partnership Initiatives (CPI). Through our Church Partnership Initiatives, PureSpring Institute helps churches develop leaders who unleash apostolic and prophetic gifts to foster congregational growth and maximize their societal impact.


GET CERTIFIED IN 10 MONTHS! Obtain Prophetic Leadership Certification by attending PSI.

Enroll Now in our special accelerated Certification Program being offered from September to June. Take all four core courses in the School of Prophetic Leadership and receive your Prophetic Leadership Certification in 10 months by June of the following year.

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Advancing leaders in the commission of Christ and His apostles and prophets.


PSI Certificate of Completion

We applaud and recognize all your commitment to your leadership development with a signed Certificate of Completion from PureSpring Institute. We invite all PSI students to request your certificate today!


ACEA Certified

PureSpring Institute is Certified by the Association of Christian Educators and Administrators.


Affiliated with ICAL

Through membership in International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, PSI is empowering a New England network of emerging and existing kingdom leadership potential, while conducting international ambassadorial trips to expand leadership potential and projects in new nations.


CrossTown Church

PSI is the equipping partner of CrossTown Church International an urban, missional congregation led by Pastors Ronald & Kathleen Verna.

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