We believe that the church needs to integrate the apostolic and prophetic modes of ministry and leadership into our more priestly functions to become an authentic kingdom focused church. Our training focuses primarily on developing these functions in relation to mission and leadership. Through a comprehensive program comprised of seven learning strategies, PureSpring Institute is mobilizing these critical leadership capacities for global kingdom engagement.

I.  Courses & Certification Programs

We offer courses and certification for emerging and existing leaders in two tracks:
  1. – School of Apostolic Leadership
  2. – School of Prophetic Leadership

II.   Conferences

The CAPP Congress is a 1-2 Day apostolic and prophetic leadership development conference  held in Boston in conjunction with PureSpring Global Commission.  The CAPP Congress brings together apostolic and prophetic leaders across sectors for an extended time of worship, training, networking, coaching, encouragement, impartation and confirmation in ministry. Students enrolled in the Leadership Certification Program are required to attend this event as a Capstone Course that completes the LCP.    The conference includes the Closing Ceremony for PureSpring Institute graduates.

III.  Catalytic Crusades

International ambassadorial trips to new regions and nations conducted with PSI teams of apostolic and prophetic delegates commissioned to establish and broaden networks of emerging and existing kingdom leadership potential and catalyze kingdom movements. These triple-focused worship, training, and activation experiences provide evening prophetic worship celebrations followed by full-day leadership summits with opportunities for engagement in critical dialogues, interactive visioning seminars, and developing a strategy and tools for achieving community and cultural transformation.

IV.  CAPP Network | Communities of Apostolic & Prophetic Practice

CAPP Coalition forms kingdom learning networks through local, regional, and national apostolic-prophetic chapters, bringing together peer mentors in healthy, covenantal relationships for prayer,  worship, study, accountability and leadership practice on a regular and ongoing basis.

V.   Communications & Resources

A catalog of cutting edge resources will constantly be developed and expanded to train and equip multi-ethnic, intergenerational kingdom leaders.  Some of our resources include online technology, podcasts, blogs, self-study course manuals, multilingual courses, A/V resources, Church Study Kits, Newsletter, webinars, and teleconferences.

VI.  Coaching & Consulting

The ongoing mentoring, nurturing and encouragement of apostolic and prophetic leaders is essential to ensure sustainability of productive ministry. The Institute helps leaders create a personal leadership development plan and provides the continuous support and guidance to allow leaders to heal, grow and remain effective as leaders.  

VII. Commission-U 

The Commission-U collegiate program develops the apostolic and prophetic in college students and includes the following offerings: ATLAS, PASSAGE, MAPS along with Campus Community Service Internships.