Rev. Kathleen Verna, President of PureSpring Global Commission (PSGC), is a fourth generation ordained minister and a transformational leader with a Christ-centered message fueled by the apostolic and prophetic spirit of the early church.  As pioneer revivalists seeking to extend the kingdom of God into all arenas of society, Kathleen and her husband, Ronald, co-founded PSGC in 1994 to be a strategic renewal and action-oriented missions base engaging a triple-focused approach to spiritual and cultural transformation.  Kathleen has steered PSGC’s driving purpose to renew first century church leadership foundations in ways that release and accelerate 21st century kingdom leadership commission. Building further on PSGC’s commitment, Kathleen serves as co-founder, director, and creative leadership strategist of PureSpring Institute (PSI), equipping believers in their three-fold kingdom commission through cutting-edge learning initiatives.  The breadth of Kathleen’s creative capacities is most often expressed through her gifts and anointing in music and worship.  As a powerful singer, prolific songwriter, and worship recording artist, Kathleen Verna, started PureSpring Music in 1995 as an early vanguard of ‘prophetic music’ rising from the New England region and beyond.  Answering a call to global urban missions development, she has traveled through parts of the United States, Europe, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, and Canada, but especially loves meeting the nations of the world at her doorsteps in urban Boston where she and her family live and serve.  Pastors Ronald and Kathleen Verna also share leadership at CrossTown Church, a newly planted apostolic congregation in Boston’s inner-city, where they are engaged in community revitalization and social justice work in the Greater Roxbury area.  As a wife and, also mother of a gifted son, Kathleen’s philosophy of ministry is anchored and enriched by her central commitment to nurturing family and future generations.