“having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the [chief] Cornerstone”  Ephesians 2:20 Amplified Bible

A Commitment and A Challenge

Our theme scripture provides the theological basis for our commitment to help emerging and existing leaders break past the more priestly, maintenance mode of functioning into an apostolic and prophetic model that generates movement leadership for spiritual revival.  We are embracing Ephesians 2:20 as a challenge to believers to shift to another level of life and leadership excellence by reclaiming the foundational power of the church.


PureSpring Institute is a Boston-based, global leadership development base committed to reviving the Threefold Office of Christ, thereby, harnessing the power of first century apostolic and prophetic leadership foundations to mobilize twenty-first century missional leaders into their kingdom commission.


PSI is the equipping arm of PureSpring Global Commission dedicated to leadership development through the threefold office of Christ.  Serving as a Boston-based missional training network with a global reach, PureSpring Institute seeks to increase the presence and capacity of the apostolic and prophetic functions in kingdom leaders and mobilizing kingdom movements. To accomplish this, the Institute holds regional and national conferences, spearheads global leadership commissions, provides group and individualized coaching, education and training, convenes regional leadership coalitions, conducts cultural impact projects, offers courses and certification, and publishes books and multimedia resources on strategic issues that foster apostolic and prophetic leadership growth. The Institute envisions awakening kingdom movements that transform the spiritual and societal dimensions by empowering a new breed of kingdom change agents in threefold spiritual order.


Many leadership titles and identities have been applied to Christ throughout Scripture. Three best capture how he accomplished his earthly mission as leader of a worldwide movement: prophet, priest, and king.  The essence of this threefold office has been released to believers through Christ resurrected power.  Since the shape of our contemporary congregations heavily draws upon a priestly model, most find it easy to envision and embrace their roles in the priestly dimension only that often limit leadership to the maintenance mode.  PSI focuses on increasing the full power of threefold order of leadership, by increasing the apostolic (kingly) and prophetic capabilities, given to awaken, align, and activate the foundations of the Church into society, thereby creating kingdom movements.
We believe that the end-time commission needs all of the threefold office of Christ engaged in fruitful impact for service. Through Spirit-empowering, scripturally-sound, and culturally relevant teaching, our goal is to activate threefold leadership capacity into every arena of society. Understanding that the development of apostolic and prophetic leaders requires a different learning context to that of traditional ministry leadership formation, PureSpring Institute creates Spirit-breathed environments where the apostolic ethos and prophetic imagination of God’s people are awakened, nurtured, and developed to mobilize kingdom commission.


  • Regular Communities of Prayer and Practice Meetings
  • Mentored and Supervised Practical Learning
  • Personalized Leadership Development Plan
  • Individual Learning Projects with Feedback on Project Selection, Launch, Completion
  • Certification for Advanced Training in Specialized Leadership Program Tracks
  • Online Community Forum
  • Impartation, Presbytery and Confirmation