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Providing Standards Recognition for Apostolic & Prophetic Commitment

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Overview |  PureSpring Institute offers two leadership certification specializations, consisting of four core courses from the School of Apostolic Leadership and the School of Prophetic Leadership.  Our main goal of the certification program is to recognize excellence, provide accountability and credibility for leaders with ongoing commitment to apostolic and prophetic practice.  PureSpring Institute’s Leadership’s Certification Program (PSI-LCP) fosters the ongoing leadership development of participating students through catalytic instruction, spirit-breathed learning environments, direct experience, and active reflection.  The leadership training, education, and development of these students, supports and enhances their functioning in current leadership positions, further prepares them for future leadership endeavors, and directly benefits the churches and ministries with which they work.
Whether you serve in the marketplace, church ministry, or missions, PureSpring Institute (PSI) provides certification and commissioning for leaders with demonstrated apostolic and prophetic capacities to increase ministry effectiveness. PSI Leadership certification and training are built upon biblical foundations that reflect principles and practices designed to strengthen local churches while engaging leaders in kingdom-focused ministry.

  1. Two Recommendation forms (Pastor & Senior Ministry Leader)
  2. A current photo
  3. Application fee of $75
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PSI-LCP Process | Over a period of two terms, PSI’s Leadership Certification Program (PSI-LCP) participants complete four courses (approx. 150 contact hours) and navigate a path towards mastery of Apostolic and Prophetic Foundations. Participants begin by developing a solid understanding of their calling through four guiding disciplines anchored on a be/know/do/grow framework found to differentiate and mobilize highly effective kingdom leaders.  Next, participants turn principles into action in intensive ministry and marketplace practice areas each with its core competencies.  The four component leadership certification process culminates as participants chart their path towards a unique leadership approach in their designated sector of ministry.
All participants attend either the School of Prophetic Leadership or School of Apostolic Leadership, or both, dependent upon their leadership emphasis. Alongside the four-month Leadership Principles course, students refine their thinking and deepen their biblical framework in a Paradigms course.  Next, participants engage in experiential learning through the Leadership Practicum while contructing their strategic leadership action plan through the Process course. The program culminates as certification candidates join together for The Annual CAPP Conference.  Upon completion, participants will be equipped with the skills to begin the next phase of their ministry assignment and leadership journey – The practice of Apostolic and Prophetic Leadership in congregational ministry, missions, or the marketplace.

Flexible Schedule Options  |  We have designed the four-course, Leadership Certification Program with your busy schedule in mind.  All four courses, at each level can be completed in less than one year.  Most courses are held monthly on Saturdays to accommodate the needs of working individuals. Online courses and resources are presently being developed.

We want to help you successfully complete the program! Feel free to contact us with any questions at (857) 302-0445.



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