Certification Program in Apostolic and Prophetic Leadership:

Advancing AP Capacity for Effective Ministry

School of Prophetic Leadership
Enrollment Opens July 1, 2022

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Two Tracks |  PureSpring Institute offers two leadership certification specializations, consisting of four core courses from the School of Apostolic Leadership and the School of Prophetic Leadership.  Our main goal of the certification program is to recognize excellence, provide accountability and credibility for leaders with ongoing commitment to apostolic and prophetic practice. The Certification Program fosters the ongoing leadership development of participating students through catalytic instruction, spirit-breathed learning environments, direct experience, and active reflection.  The leadership training, education, and development of these students, supports and enhances their functioning in current leadership positions, further prepares them for future leadership endeavors, and directly benefits the churches and ministries with which they work.

The Certification Program is a full nine Months of apostolic and prophetic leadership development studies that will prepare you for senior apostolic and prophetic roles and move you into advanced kingdom leadership strategies for ministry.
Through the PSI Leadership Certification Program for preparing advanced Apostolic and Prophetic Ministers, participants develop exceptional apostolic and prophetic (AP) skills, strategies and spiritual stamina for greater effectiveness in ministry.  The Certification program is delivered in two tracks with several components to help you build a multi-faceted and sound theological approach to activate the apostolic and prophetic leadership spirit in the church into the world today.

Program Benefits
  • Targeted Leadership Self-Assessment. Reach a heightened self-awareness of heart issues, personal strengths and weakness, kingdom values, and blind spots that together shape the development of your leadership style and your capacity to harness it for ministry success.
  • Cultivate AP Leadership skills. Acquire and improve vital leadership skills essential for effective kingdom leadership.  Harness apostolic and prophetic capacities into actionable strategies. Develop kingdom assignments that seek to provide answers to societal challenges.
  • Broaden AP Impact. Engage in renewal strategies that bring transformation to issues in multi-sector global communities. Grow kingdom alliances and partnerships with other key individuals, communities,  and networks involved in AP-related work. Create and activate a long-term plan for personal, congregational, and community-wide growth in AP ministry.

Program Features:
  • Kickoff Weekend Intensive (exclusively for delegates and staff)
  • Individualized Leadership Plan Coaching
  • PSI Core Courses (4) in either Apostolic or Prophetic Track
  • Closing Weekend Intensive
  • Graduation at The CAPP Conference
  • Alumni Alliance / CAPP Partner Access (all benefits apply)

Participant Profile:
  • Demonstrated advanced apostolic and prophetic capacities
  • Demonstrated spiritual maturity  and spiritual accountability.
  • Served faithfully in local assembly for 3-5 years (allows for two of those years served in a missional capacity with a spiritual covering)
  • Served in advanced leadership in marketplace/professional role for a minimum of 3 consecutive years.

Application Process:
  1. Application
  2. Application Fee
  3. Pastoral Recommendation
  4. Acceptance Letter and Orientation materials
  5. Kickoff Weekend

Besides providing superior standards recognition for Apostolic & Prophetic Commitment, The Certification Program delegates becoming part of a distinctive community of kingdom practitioners as participants leave the program a full member of the PSI alumni community.  Alumni benefit from lifelong networking and ministerial development opportunities, including regional events, refresher programs and reduced rates for all PSI courses and events.

 This program qualifies for Commissioning as a Certified Apostolic Practitioner and a Certified Prophetic Practitioner. 
We want to help you successfully complete the program!
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Certification Program Roadmap