Certified Facilitator Overview

PSI Certified Facilitators (PSI-CF) are the only facilitators/instructors authorized to deliver PSI courses. PSI-CF’s are effective equippers who train others to become church-based congregational renewal ministers or multi-sector apostles and prophets. They are expected to have a strong understanding of each course they deliver and be able to draw from a rich scriptural understanding and personal experiences and expertise to transfer knowledge and support in the learning process. A PSI-CF must pass the certification exam at the mastery level for each course they desire to teach. PSI Certified Facilitators are also referred to as PSI Faculty and authorized to deliver PSI certification training through one of the following channels:
  • PSI Partners – Through other affiliated equipping ministries that are authorized to present and deliver PSI courses.
  • On-Site to Congregations – When a specific church desires to train and equip its members using an in-house facilitator or on-site equipper certified to deliver PSI course.
The steps to becoming certified are: Step 1: Select the content course that you wish to become certified in. Register and attend the program as a participant. Step 2: Register to attend a Facilitator Training certification program for the course you have completed. Step 3: Attend and complete your certification experience.
Current Facilitator Training Course