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A Specialized Discipleship Training Program for Prophetic Ministry


SPL 1000  |  Prophetic Leadership Principles

SPL 2000  |  Prophetic Leadership Paradigms

SPL 3000  |  Prophetic Leadership Practicum

SPL 4000  |  Prophetic Leadership Process

What is The School of Prophetic Leadership?

The School of Prophetic Leadership is designed to equip those who are called to any aspect of prophetic ministry, and especially targets those who are called to or desire a deeper understanding of the prophetic office. The school is committed to being biblical, spiritual, and practical to enhance the capacity of learners at various stages in prophetic development. The training program provides a broad, well-balanced understanding of the prophetic with impartation from recognized prophetic leaders. The teachings follow a prophetic progression, moving from principles to practice while leading participants from personal prophecy into corporate prophetic ministry in church and culture.


The School of Prophetic Leadership’s purpose is to awaken and activate the 21st century leadership capacity of prophetic voices to operate in two arenas: within churches and in civil society. The strategy for our vision is as follows:

  • Within congregations into church-commissioned prophetic teams:
    • By training key leaders from churches in prophetic leadership and sending them back to their churches with new insight, knowledge, and impartation.
    • By training churches to form prophetic ministry teams and intercessory prayer groups.
  • Across congregations into citywide and regional prophetic ministries and teams:
    • By providing in-depth training for beginners through advance ministers, mentoring, internships, and impartation for emerging and existing prophetic leaders into a multi-sector citywide and regional focus for prophetic ministry.


This School is designed to equip prophetic people operating in various measures of prophetic gifting and authority, in both the diverse ministries of the church and in various sectors of society. Students come from various denominational and church cultures at different stages in their prophetic development. The training provides fundamentals and resources that are useful on many levels for prophetic individuals and groups who seek authentic and sustained impact in prophetic ministry.

In addition, the School’s curriculum may be useful to those who work on leadership teams with or oversee prophetic people. The teachings, insights, and tools provided can increase the value and understanding of working in partnership with the prophetically gifted to enhance a collective kingdom agenda.

Learning Methods

This program integrates the learning of Biblical principles while applying practical approaches to develop prophetic leadership ability. Learning methods will include lecture, discussions, question and answer, prayer activations, class exercises, outside assignments, assessments, developing a learning log and prophetic leadership action plan.

Program Philosophy

  1. Prophetic Leadership should be discipled and not stifled and can be raised up through a church-sanctioned, Biblically-based, mentoring process that encourages the intentional spiritual formation of prophets.
  2. The School of Prophets has Biblical precedence and must be an organic learning environment that is vitally connected to the needs of local churches and their respective communities and regions.
  3. Prophetic Leaders are movement initiators and agents of breakthrough gifted to awaken the prophetic spirit dormant in the church today through challenging the status quo and creating new communities of the Spirit to advance the kingdom of God in the earth.
  4. Prophetic Leadership happens and has value at every level throughout the Body of Christ. Though not all people walk in the prophetic office, all believers have received the Spirit of prophecy and can be prophetic. The School model embraces prophets as leaders and integrates leadership development principles with prophecy.
  5. Empowering prophetic ministry to be effective has broad-based impact and involves clearing the path, removing barriers and providing open channels to mobilize a kingdom-wide movement of the prophetic spirit.