Have you completed a PureSpring Institute course recently or a few semesters back?

It is no small accomplishment to complete such an intensive ministry development course on your own; so PSI is ensuring that all our students, past and present, receive the well-deserved recognition for your hard work. Students who successfully complete all of the requirements are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion for each completed course. The certificate will be issued by PureSpring Institute’s School of Prophetic Leadership, and will be signed by the course’s instructor.
If you have completed 28-32 hours of a PSI Course, including all the readings, exercises, activations, and practices, we will send you the Certificate of Completion. There is no charge for this. The certificate will be sent to you, per your request, as a pdf or by mail.

Guidelines for Submitting Request:

  1. The student must fill out all requested information.
  2. At least 30 days must be allowed for processing Certificates of Completion.
  3. All program/course requirements must be completed. PSI will verify that all requirements have been met before this request is processed.
  4. Only one official Certificate of Completion will be issued free of charge. Additional printed copies: $10 each.
  5. Return Form to: P.O. Box 255035, Boston MA 02125 or info@purespringinstitute.org
  6. All questions may be directed to PureSpring Institute: (857) 302-0445 or info@purespringinstitute.org.

Submit Online Certificate of Completion Request Form

Download PSI Certificate Of Completion Request Form

We congratulate you for the tremendous investment you have made to engage in this course of learning!