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Not Offered Spring 2016

Sessions Meet Weekly for 8 Evenings
6:00PM to 9:00PM
PSI Training Headquarters
500 Victory Road, Quincy MA

Course Description

The days of lone ranger ministry and star performer prophets are over. Prophet leaders can ensure high impact and continuity of ministry by reproducing the charismatic dynamic in others. The Prophetic Process provides a breakthrough equipping system geared to integrate and increase individual leadership growth in the prophetic and investment in prophetic community. SPL4000 is an advanced training designed in response to the heightened need for prophetic leaders to take a more intentional approach toward strengthening their own leadership gifts while providing the tools needed to begin developing their own prophetic circles of influence effectively. By exploring the value and functions of the Prophetic Equipper, course participants will discover that leading through equipping is not only the most effective prophetic process, but also the most sustainable for building a culture of prophecy.

Course Themes
  • Biblical Foundations of Prophetic Equipping
  • The Process of Equipping through A System of Personal Growth, Heightened Self-Awareness and Long-Term Effectiveness
  • The Process of Equipping through the Stages of the Prophetic Journey
  • The Process of Equipping by Individual and Integrative Skill-Building Practices to Produce Change
  • The Process of Equipping through a Strategy of Expanding Community Networks

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