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General Admission Requirements:

  • A genuine “born again” believer in Jesus Christ demonstrated by pursuit of spiritual growth and an awareness of your ministry gifts and calling.
  • A member in good standing with a Bible-believing local church
  • Must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.
  • Be willing to submit to rules and regulations of PureSpring Institute.
  • At least 18 years of age.

Application Process:

To Register for Courses, students should submit:
Students applying to the Leadership Certification Program must submit a more extensive application for admission. 

  1. A completed application form.
    (Complete Online Application HERE)
  2. Full Tuition Payment or Required Tuition Deposit.
    (Submit Online Course Payment HERE)
  3. Recommendation form completed by their pastor,
    ministry leader or small group leader.
    (Link to Online Recommendation Form HERE)

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit forms and payment together by Mail to:
    PureSpring, P.O. Box 255035, Boston MA 02125
  • Email forms only to: info@purespringinstitute.org
  • Checks are payable to PureSpring

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