Participant Standards Policy

PSI’s leadership schools offer ministry courses for emerging and established ministers with accountability oversight (local churches). The expectation is that participants come approved by their church leadership having acquired a foundational level of discipleship within their congregations and are ready to embark on more advanced ministerial equipping and spiritual formation for missional engagement.
We believe that Ephesians 4: 11-16 presents a leadership mosaic consisting of the apostle and prophet as part of a five-fold blend of gifts working together to release the Church into her identity and destiny in Christ.  Apostolic and prophetic leaders are key ministries within this larger leadership gracing which also comprises evangelists, pastors and teachers and is designed to build up the church and bring her to her greatest impact.  Our goal, therefore, is to encourage solid, fruitful partnerships with churches (and para-church, ministry marketplace organizations) to build a community of mature apostles and prophets who function at a high level in various aspects of church, government and marketplace callings.
As the spiritual intensity involved in these trainings can bring about elevated personal warfare for students, we require each applicant to have their church leader submit a pastoral recommendation. Moreover, while we invite beginner-level ministry trainees to attend, if deemed necessary, we will communicate with your pastors or church leaders to ensure that this coursework is of benefit and that adequate spiritual support and oversight will be provided. PureSpring also reserves the right to cancel or halt training for individuals who do not conduct themselves with ministerial integrity and spiritual maturity. In the event that this action is taken, please note that PSI courses are non-refundable.
See General Admissions Requirements