Pastor Kathleen Verna is a fourth generation minister and the President of PureSpring Global Commission, which she and her husband, Pastor Ronald Verna, co-founded in 1994 as a strategic missions base that develops five-fold leaders to transform culture. Together, Pastors Ronald and Kathleen Verna planted and pastor CrossTown Church International, a missional congregation in Boston’s inner-city. As founder and director of PureSpring Institute, the equipping arm of PureSpring Global Commission, Pastor Kathleen mentors leaders from the basics to a high level of competency through the Schools of Prophetic and Apostolic Leadership. Pastor Kathleen has a Masters in Organizational Leadership and Human Dynamics, is a Certified Mediator through the Harvard Mediation Program and a member of the International Coalition of Apostles. She was commissioned in 2012 through ICAL as an Ambassadorial Apostle with several partnerships and developing projects in Trinidad, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Central Africa, England, and India.




ID Course Name Duration Start Date
SPL 1000 Summer 2020SPL 1000 | Prophetic PrinciplesJune 09, 2020
SPL 5000SPL 5000 | ProfilesOctober 01, 2019

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