Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, This Tour will be offered SPRING 2022. Dates to be Posted Shortly.

This course offers students a nine day study-abroad experience in Israel and the Palestinian territories, a land whose history and major cities and sites allow a unique opportunity to explore the history and development of the Biblical prophetic literature. The travel seminar seeks to deepen students’ faith and understanding of the Old and New Testament as they experience the differing perspectives of the people, places and culture perspectives living in the land of the Bible today. Selected readings and sessions before the travel are designed to provide a foundation for the group to experience a fuller grasp of the prophetic challenges, conflicts and triumphs, past and present, in Israel. On-site learning, coupled with reading prior to the trip and a reflective essay after returning, will allow students to explore first-hand how the prophetic narratives unfold through retracing the footsteps of Jesus’ life and ministry.
SPL6000 Course may be taken to fulfill Leadership Certification Program (LCP) requirements OR may be audited.

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