Pastor Kathleen Verna

President, Lead Instructor


This course is a study of the Hebrew prophets and their writings taught in two parts over two terms: SPL5000a -The Major Prophets and SPL5000b – The Minor Prophets. It is an introduction to the origin and development of prophecy among the Hebrews, a study of the Hebrew prophets who lived and preached in the nations of Judah and Israel during the first millennium B.C., and an examination of the historical, social, and religious implications of their message. The goal is for students to become acquainted with the prophets of the Bible by reading selected passages from each. Students will develop skills for reading the prophetic books and engage their own reflections on the passages they study, informed by what the lectures, readings and class discussions.  Class participants will understand who the prophets were in ancient Israel, how prophetism arose, how prophets were perceived by their contemporaries and what roles they played in their society. The course also considers the significance of the Hebrew prophets for contemporary Christian life and ministry

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